Audio DVD Creator

Audio DVD Creator 1.x

DVD audio file creator

Audio DVD Creator is a convenient management tool for your different audio files. This software program lets you create a DVD compiled from normal Audio CDs and MP3 files and play it on any DVD player.

You can place approximately five or six audio CDs on one DVD without ruining the quality. You can also range the audio format from high quality of up to 6 hours PCM 48kHz/16 bits to high quantity up to 45 hours at AC3 192kbps.

Audio DVD Creator lets you put thousands of audio files on one DVD. This program also lets you rip audio CD to WAV files, import audio CDs directly to audio DVD, automatically create a DVD menu, create up to 99 DVD titles, burn audio DVD to DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW, create audio DVD to hard disk files and more.

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